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  • Announcing 2015 PF-1 Medal of Honor Recipients! - May 05, 2015

    Today we are pleased to announce the 2015 recipients of The Prayer Force One - Medal of Honor. This award has been established "To recognize those individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the promotion and defense of America’s spiritual heritage and culture." This award is to be publicly announced annually in conjunction with America’s National Day of Prayer. Three individuals have been selected to be so honored on this, the inaugural year of this award. They are as follows:

    2015 Posthumous Medal of Honor Recipient

    President Ronald Reagan

  • A National Day of Prayer MUST for YOU! - April 18, 2015

         Prayer Force One’s new twelve-page, full-color booklet, ""Hail To Heaven’s Chief: Presidential Tributes To God, The Bible & The Christian Faith" is waiting to ship to you just in time for The National Day of Prayer!!!

    The Bible says, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" If America is to be saved, we must pray for and work hard to restore our nation’s Christian foundations!


         Recently, while talking with Senator Rick Santorum, (a prospective GOP presidential candidate) I shared the following two Bible verses:

         “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” (Psalm 46:3) and, “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” (Psalm 118:9)

         To these two verses, Senator Santorum simply looked me in the eye and replied, “Amen!”

         We both went on to agree however, that the Bible also teaches that good leaders do matter! The Bible plainly states, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” (Proverbs29:2)

  • Prayer Force One University News & Information - February 02, 2015

         As Sandy and I have traveled all across America aboard Prayer Force One, we have seen a great hunger on the part of God’s people to save our nation. To help meet this challenge, we are pleased today to announce the birth of Prayer Force One University. Let me tell you what this is and why we are doing this.

  • 50 Years Ago Today - "The Speech" - October 26, 2014

    A Study In Blue
    A Tribute To President Ronald Reagan,

         Fifty years ago today, (October 27) Ronald Reagan gave a nationally televised speech to the America people. Today, it has become known as "The Speech." Reagan simply called it, "A Time For Choosing." Others have called it his "Rendezvous With Destiny" speech.



    “America’s Flagship of Prayer”

         Hello Everyone! We trust that God is blessing each of you since we last wrote. As for us, Prayer Force One has been very busy in the first half of 2014! Please allow us to bring you up to date.


         We began our travels this year with a trip to Charlotte, NC and the Billy Graham Library & Museum for the annual meeting of the National Prayer Committee. This was a delightful and inspirational meeting of prayer leaders from all over America. I must say that the Billy Graham Library trumps every presidential library that we have been to (and we have been to twelve of them). It even rivals the Ronald Reagan Library, which can boast the presence of Air Force One! The Billy Graham Library is itself an amazing evangelistic tool and a working center for ongoing evangelistic endeavors. Do go by and visit the library if you can.

  • Special PF-1 Magazine For National Day of Prayer! - April 18, 2013




        That's right. Our brand-new, full-color, 20 page, God & Country, Prayer Force One magazine is now ready for personal and public use to help celebrate this year’s National Day of Prayer observance! Here are just a few of the features that will enhance NDP events all across the nation.


  • How America’s Commander-In-Chief Met The King of Kings - April 16, 2013

         He was a man of such international stature that everyone in the world knew who was being referred to when someone simply said “IKE.” He had been the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces during World War II and served two terms as President and Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America.

  • A Tale Of Two Buses - October 22, 2011

         In the past, whenever Prayer Force One entered a city, we put out a news release designed to get the attention of the press. These news releases almost always began with the words, “Is it the presidents bus? No, the president doesn’t even have a bus. Nevertheless, a bus looking very much like Air Force One, and painted with the exact same paint as Air Force One, will be making a tour stop in town today. The bus, called Prayer Force One....”

  • Why I Still Believe America Can Be Saved! - July 18, 2011

         This is a personal story of gratitude and praise for the demonstrated goodness and power of God in the life of our family. Several years ago, I wrote a story of God’s miraculous healing of my daughter, Randi, from cancer in a story entitled "Why I Believe America Can Be Saved." You can read this account by clicking on that title. However, today I want to share a further experience as we celebrated our grandbaby Lyric’s birthday.

  • The LORD Has Shut The Mouths Of The Lions! - April 15, 2011

         Early April week we sent out a letter entitled "The National Day Of Prayer In The Lions’ Den." In it we said, "Let us not forget that God blessed Daniel for his courageous stand by shutting the mouths of the lions; AND HE CAN DO IT AGAIN!"

    To God alone be the glory, He has done it again!

  • The Book That Forged Ronald Reagan's Life - February 03, 2011

       Greetings from Ronald Reagan’s mountain top ranch, known as Rancho del Cielo. By clicking on the photo above, you can take a short “prayer walk” around the ranch in a special slide presentation which we have prepared just for you.

  • Have A Very Merry Harry Truman Christmas! - December 06, 2010


    Harry S. Truman was one tough, plain-spoken president. While he was humble enough...

  • A Special God Bless America Presentation - November 28, 2010

         Five years ago God placed a classic old bus into our hands. We had no idea why. As we prayed and sought the will of God it soon became clear. We were to call the bus "Prayer Force One" and call America back to God. Within six weeks, we had the exact same paint that is on Air Force One in our hands - all four colors! (white, gold and two shades of blue) It took two years to convert and refurbish the bus, write the book and prepare our web site. The rest is history.

  • Are These Divine Reminders? - October 23, 2010

    Does God send Divine reminders to nations? Does He do things to get the attention of the people of the earth? Does He tenderly warn nations before He sends judgement? And if so, is it possible that Americans are overlooking this kindness today?

  • Hands Around The Capitol - October 08, 2010

          The United States Capitol Park contains 68 acres. By our calculations, it would take 1,776 women holding hands (one every 45”) to encircle the entire Congressional Park in prayer. Do you think that we could reach that number of Prayer Force One Women by National Prayer Force One Sunday? Do you believe that such a praying remnant could turn the tide in the spiritual battle for America?

  • PF1 Women on Facebook - September 28, 2010

         Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of Prayer Force One Women! What will make Prayer Force One Women so strikingly different from the way we have used the internet before is that we are now linking up with Facebook and Twitter to reach out and stay in touch!

  • The Little Chapel That Stood - August 30, 2010

         Please read all the way through so you can appreciate the amazing story of  "The Little Chapel That Stood".

  • Deep South Tour Slideshow - January 06, 2008

    In order to give you a visual report of our recent Deep South Tour, we've just completed a slide show of the entire trip. By clicking on the photo below, you can join us on the trip that took us all the way to Miami, Florida.

    Click on the photo above to see slide show of our Deep South Tour

  • Join Our White House Prayer Meeting Now! - January 16, 2014

        At Prayer Force One, we're turning The White House into a prayer chapel! Join us as we meet in a different room of The White House each day to pray for our nation.

    Click On The Photo Above To Join Our PF-1 White House Prayer Meeting

  • A Tale Of Two Kingdoms - November 27, 2011

    A Warning & An Appeal To America’s Two Political Parties

          After the death of King Solomon, Israel split into two separate kingdoms. The repeated path to decadency and destruction which these two kingdoms followed stand as a clear warning to our nation’s two major political parties. Since the direction of our government largely depends on the moral character of the Democrat and Republican parties, it naturally follows that the fate of our nation also largely depends on the moral leadership that these two parties provide.

  • The Midnight Cry! - August 09, 2010

         It is a few hours before midnight in the garden of good and evil. The hoards of darkness are gathered at the very gates of our nation. America's hour of decision is fast approaching...

  • Your State Constitution Preamble... - February 18, 2010

    President Woodrow Wilson said, "America was born a Christian nation." We are indeed "One nation under God". One need only look at the preamble to any of the fifty states constitutions to see just how true this is.

  • Order Your Copy Of Prayer Force One Today - July 28, 2009

    Click On Book Above To Order

         This book is your invitation to join former Oklahoma State Senator Ed Moore and his wife, Sandy, aboard their ministry flagship, Prayer Force One. Join them as they embark on a cross-country crusade to...

  • Christian Nation Proclamation - June 10, 2009

    "America was born a Christian nation."
    President Woodrow Wilson

         By now, everybody is well aware of the emerging controversy that has developed over President Barack Obama's declaration that our country "Is no longer a Christian nation." While none of us can possibly know what motivated ...

  • How I KNOW That America Can Still Be Saved! - March 28, 2009

        This is little Isabelle. Isabelle is our eleventh granddaughter. By all expert medical accounts, Isabelle should never have been born. But God . . .

  • Enhance Your Web Site With These Button Links - January 27, 2009

        As a courtesy service from Prayer Force One, you can now enhance your own web site by downloading either or both of the the beautiful button links shown below. . .

  • Prayer Force One Earns Her Wings - January 13, 2009

         During the recent holidays, we have had time to reflect on the miraculous time that marked the beginning of Prayer Force One. Since many of our newer friends have not been able to follow the growth and hear the testimonies of how God has blessed ...

  • Report From Pro-Family Legislators Conference - November 20, 2008

         Sandy and I send greetings from Dallas and The National Pro-Family Legislators Conference hosted by David Barton's Wallbuilders.

  • President Reagan's Warning To America - September 05, 2008

         Do you believe the above words spoken by President Ronald Reagan? Did you know that President Reagan . . .

  • Washington D.C./Ohio Valley Slide Show - May 19, 2008

    Our Washington DC /Ohio Valley Tour was a tremendous success. Please click on the photo of Sandy and I at the White House (below) to view a really nice slide show of the tour. I think you'll enjoy the music too!

  • An Open Letter to the Spiritual Leaders of America - March 27, 2008

        The purpose of Prayer Force One is to encourage and promote a national prayer meeting to be held on the Sunday before the next Presidential election. Some may be asking, "Why that day?"

  • Winfield Completes Portrait of Prayer Force One - March 23, 2008

    John Winfield's portrait of Prayer Force One in the nation's capitol has been completed and received. This portrait will be a wonderful tool in the promotion of prayer for our beloved nation!]...

  • Comparing Air Force One and Prayer Force One - March 14, 2008

    Air Force One is the name given to the plane that is used by the President of the United States. It serves as a flying White House, representing the power and prestige of the United States of America. Prayer Force One is. . .

  • ED & Sandy Appear On TBN - October 31, 2007

         We send this month's report out on the heals of a very busy month. In October, Sandy and I, were guests on TBN's live "Praise The Lord" television show. Kevin and Cherie Clarkson were very gracious . . .

  • Heartland Tour Slide Show - September 11, 2007

    Click on the photo of Sandy below to view a slide show that takes you on our recent Heartland Tour. Welcome Aboard!


The Promise of GOD     "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14

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