The Most Patriotic Christmas Card Of The Year! - Tuesday, December 24, 2013

     Merry Christmas from Prayer Force One! We have had a wonder-filled experience in preparing the special interactive Christmas card that you see below. In designing this card, it has been our goal to provide you, and all of America, a Christmas card that highlights the wonder-full Christmas heritage of our nation, as expressed in the words of our past presidents.  To view the interactive Christmas card, click on the photo below.

Click to open web page

     1. When you get to the actual card, click on any of the president’s photos to view a beautiful presentation containing their words about Christmas. We regret that we cannot include more of our presidents, but rest assured that this is a fair representation of all of the presidential greetings to date. (Most of you will be able to view this special card with all the magic of snowflakes and Christmas carols. Others may only be able to view this creation as static pages, depending on the age and type of your computer.)

     2. Join Sandy and me, as well as many others, in The White House for a special time of Christmas prayer for our nationTo do this, click on the door of The White House above. When you do, you will be transported to a different room of The White House to pray. Whether this is your first time, or you’ve prayed in the White House before, let us sanctify the Executive Mansion as our past presidents have done before us. Let us do homage to "The Child born in a stable" by praying and worshipping in "The People’s House," as well as in our own dwellings.

     3. Please forward this interactive Christmas card to everyone that you know. We all need to be reminded, and our younger generation needs to be informed about how America has celebrated Christmas as a nation over the years. Let us defend and celebrate the Christian foundations that have made our country great! Please keep this very special Presidential Christmas Card going and going and......

     Again, from all of us at Prayer Force One, and on behalf of our nationwide Prayer Force One family, we wish every American "A Very Merry Christ-Filled Christmas & The Happiest of New Years!"

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